Author: Christine Richardson

Date: 14th June 2014

A big thank you to all our staff who made  the time to join us for a meal and a catch up on what is happening over the next coming weeks.

We will be very busy shadowing new staff and above all making sure our new clients are looked after with first class care.  Our commitment and dedication is what makes our clients very happy.Tina Bates congratulations on passing your Mental Health leval two i have put your certificate in your file….. and also congratulations to myself 0n passing my leval two again in Equality and Diversity at a higher leval my cqc lady will be pleased, i dont think she thought i would have time to do it but i did. it is now in a frame on the wall with the rest thanks to Alan and his diy skills. New staff on board this week Christina, Devine, and out training next week Louise……. Welome to you all from the team.

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