Author: Christine Richardson

Date: 1st May 2014

A big welcome to all new staff starting with us at CairBairz this week to help out in the community, and in the coming months, the South of England as we continue to grow, though it is important we must concentrate our efforts on maintain quality and client satisfaction.

Personalisation is changing the way we work, offering more choice and control to our client base. It offers them more time to spend with other people and new friends; time to o stay at home as long as possible,with support; Time to have access to quality information and advice, in one word  CHOICE

These are just a few comments made since Cairbairz started.

As usual my thanks to all my ‘bairz’ for your hard work, yet again lovely feed back forms flooding in.

Congrats to Dorcus for getting through her Moving & Manual Handling Course recently


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